Monday, September 1

Our weekend at Point Yamu, Phuket

Last weekend, we spent an amazing weekend in Phuket, as part of Chris and Julie's destination wedding getaway. Since Chris works at COMO, the wedding was held at Point Yamu, which would be officially launched later this year. Now you know I'm not a sun-sea-and-sand person so naturally resorts and villas are not my usual cup of tea; however, this trip was so relaxing, I absolutely can't wait to scratch that beach-bum resort itch soon.

First time in his own seat, the Munckin didn't like being strapped to his seat but it was a good learning experience for him (HA!).

The resort was ahhhh-mazing! As soon as I stepped in, I knew it would be difficult to leave.

Our refreshing welcome drink - butterfly pea and honey iced tea

Hello, do you know the way to the pool?

I loved the juxtaposition of quirky eclectic interiors against the grey industrial architecture. A breather from your average Balinese or Thai resort style.

I even wanted to take their stationary home... 

Even the bathroom was incredible (loved the rain shower) and I was impressed they even prepared a set of baby toiletries for us.

Says alot that my wardrobe selection matched their tiles.

Munckin must have eaten a dozen rambutans throughout our stay. Not advisable. 

More pictures to come, I promise. The food - so incredible! Oh and the wedding - too beautiful!

Friday, August 29

Eats from Teck Ghee Square Food Centre

Compared to my first pregnancy, I certainly have a 'Must Try' list these days and Eng Ho Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee (#01-34) was certainly among the top three.

Am I the only one who thinks Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee is best taken away and left to simmer in its heavenly lard-and-prawn-stock connection before one tucks into it? Might not make for a great photo but its flavours are just so much more intense.

Anyway! Two things about Eng Ho Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee stood out for me - firstly, the use of thick bee hoon and yellow noodles which makes for a great textural contrast, and secondly, when it comes to fried noodles, I definitely like mine on the dry side. I was lucky enough to wait less than 10 minutes for my takeaway order and having tried it, I would be willing to wait up to twice as long for this delicious pack of sin.

While waiting, I got half a dozen chicken wings from Chong Pang Chicken Wing Spring Chicken (#01-31). They are more of KW's thing than mine but a crowd-pleaser nonetheless.

Nearby, there was a coffee shop and a nondescript store that offers a surprisingly good rojak. 

Wednesday, August 27

A taste of Tim Ho Wan Singapore 添好运

No, I didn't bother to join in the queue but we lucked out when a colleague brought these little buttery pucks back from lunch one day. So this is their famed 酥皮焗叉烧包 (Baked Bun with BBQ Pork) huh?

The  crumbly buttery topping reminded me of a desirable muffin top while its soft doughy structure yielded easily with every bite (just five bites, for the record); but the char siew filling was its Archilles' heel - curiously red and questionably sweet. It was a nifty snack but not something that would draw me to its queue anytime soon.

Monday, August 25

Thirds at Kilo & Pact, Orchard Central

For some reason, last weekend was pretty rough on my system. Far from being the usual restful weekend, all I wanted to do was vegetate on the couch/bed/any flat surface. And I thought the second trimester would be breeze... Right.

Thankfully, days like these were also filled with many "Keep Calm and Count Your Bloody Blessings" moments. Take Sunday lunch with the family at Kilo @ Pact for instance. In addition to the pork belly rice bowl, salmon quinoa donburi and salt & pepper short ribs that we had previously, a bunch of other stuff went from farm to table to our bellies in record time.

I would proclaim my favourite dish of the day was the avocado wasabi tuna tartare. Rich, creamy yet punchy, it was something I could inhale if it were served in a bucket.

I chose the roasted pork belly with sweet potato hash as my chosen main. It was rather delicious but when it comes to meat, I am still a whole-slab-of-protein kind of person.

Unfortunately, a commonplace dish like the Kilo Smashburger was far from being a slam dunk. Dry beef patties and insipid greens, this is one dish I would probably ask you to stay away from. It was edible but you know, let's not waste time.

As I have mentioned before, despite its name, portions at Kilo are less than weighty. I ended up ordering another main course - prawn flautas, heavily (perhaps a wee bit too heavily) drizzled with chipotle may, avocado cream and pico de gallo. A tasty dish nonetheless.

Then, I turned the dish and I saw A FRIED EGG! Have I mentioned what a cheap date I am? Dump a fried egg on any dish in front of me and watch me grovel.

I didn't take to the basil panna cotta initially but it sat in front of me - forlornly - and I took pity on it by scooping through every last spoonful of it. It was kind of odd yet oddly intriguing. 

The pumpkin churros sounded promising on paper but the actual churros were as dense as the accompanying chocolate. Boo and yay, at the same time. The warmth of freshly fried churros was appreciate. 

Three scoops of ice cream might seem a little excessive for one molten chocolate lava cake but noone at the table was complaining. The lava cake itself was exemplary - think thinnish crusty walls and molten-y center. Oh, those sugar-coated walnut... Let's just say there wasn't any 'caring and sharing' with the little one. 

Saturday, August 23

Some thoughts about home entertaining

The image below is symbolic of how I feel towards home entertaining these days. I don't need to prepare a dozen dishes and I certainly don't need anyone to tell me how much they liked the starter, main, second main, dessert and ice cream that I prepared. After all if they are your real friends, you shouldn't feel the need to impress them. 

When Charlene and Nadia came by for lunch, I decided to try making laksa from scratch Prima Taste.  On hindsight, buying back four packs of laksa would have been more cost-efficient but this was super fun and almost fulfilling. For dessert, we broke into a jar of ridiculously moreish pineapple tarts that Charlene brought over and some Toblerone that I had in the fridge.

To friends who don't need the fuss.

Friday, August 22

A simple lunch at Maxwell Food Centre

... that old fogeys like us would appreciate. 

The standard set-up consisting of ngoh hiang, liver roll, egg slice, tau kwa, fish ball and century egg, as well as fried bee hoon from Hup Kee Wu Xiang Guan Chang 合记五香灌肠.

To be honest, I don't eat wu xiang often to break it down piece by piece for you but I finally realised the thing I have always loved is called an egg slice. Ha! Too bad it was a tad over-fried that day. 

The popiah from Chinatown Popiah had a pallid appearance that didn't inspire much confidence and at $1.20 a roll, I really shouldn't be expecting much. Thankfully, it was pretty tasty and provided a clean breather from the greasy landmine above.

Wednesday, August 20

Bites from Alexandra Food Village

I was surprised by the relatively short wait (10 mins?) for Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei at around 11.30am; the soya sauce chicken/ wanton noodle a couple of stalls down had a more consistently long queue. Thick and hearty, it was more of a laksa cum curry noodle concoction - one that we slurped up with much gratification.  

For something more munckin-friendly, KW got this delicious-looking plate of char siew rice from 陈记烧腊 Chen Ji Shao La. I absolutely cannot resist the darkish, caramelised glaze of such char siew! Russell had his way with it before I could snap a picture of it and this sent him into a two-nap nap that most parents would appreciate.