Friday, February 5

Popiah from Lau Pa Sat

After a few crazy weeks at work, I decided to take some time and step out of the office for lunch.  Despite the proximity, I hardly visit Lau Pa Sat, as it gets stifling hot during lunch peak hour and I am sorry to say this, it feels like a tourist trap. But today I was early and I remembered a store selling popiah so a leap of faith was taken.

Lo and behold! This popiah from the same store that sells pizzas, buffalo wings and rojak (really a "rojak" array of offerings) was surprisingly good and best of all, two for $2.50. #bestbuy I am delighted with my find and know there is at least something good awaiting me after the CNY break.

Oh, I am so ready for the long weekend! Have a festive one, y'all~

Wednesday, February 3

A return to Group Therapy Cafe, Duxton Road

When my younger sister suggested Group Therapy Cafe for family lunch, the first thought that came to my mind was "I don't want to eat Eggs Benedict..." It's not you, it's me. The Eggs Benedict at Group Therapy Cafe is pretty good but I am just not into brunch food. I am one of those weirdos who voluntarily wake up at 6am on weekends just to have some quiet me-time before the chaos (a total of 55 months worth of life) descends; by the time 11:30am rolls by, I am more than ready for proper lunch. Anything but eggs and pancakes please. 

But I knew better than to suggest somewhere else because, well that's another story altogether. Thankfully, I didn't have to eat eggs - or pancakes. Group Therapy Cafe has expanded their weekend brunch menu and it includes more than just variations of eggs and pancakes. Hallelujah!

I ordered the Grilled Chicken Salad, which came with a huge honking piece of boneless chicken thigh. If truth be told, I did only order this because I had seen pictures and was expecting a huge honking piece of boneless chicken thigh. Satisfying much. And healthy too, I think.

Instead of his default burger, KW chose to have the Rendang Taco Bowl. Fusion-confusion? Personally I thought it was pretty alright. The rendang was very tender and the spice levels definitely manageable; the cous cous salad on the side was pleasant too. I was surprised KW did not like it since he is usually the more forgiving and open-minded between the two of us. 

We ordered ravioli for the kids, and it was pretty good. Housemade ravioli with roasted mushroom filling, blankets by a shower of parmesan cheese, tomato sauce and truffle oil. Since I am not the biggest fan of tomato sauce (reminds me too much of the lousy bolognese I had as a kid), I might just order this again without the tomato sauce because everything else on the plate is delicious.

I haven't had a Sticky Date Pudding in a while, and it was great meeting its acquaintance. Lovely caramelised crust, indulgent toffee sauce, topped off with a creamy vanilla bean ice cream. Lap it up... just lap it up.

To jazz things up a little, I ordered a scope of bacon ice cream to go with their 4-layered carrot cake. You could hardly taste the bacon in the ice cream and the cake was rather dense, but I have very high tolerance for carrot cakes so it wasn't exactly apocalyptic.

This is my fourth visit to Group Therapy Cafe, and while they wont win any awards for their tasty-but-predictable food, I do appreciate their great service and relaxing till-non-pretentious atmosphere.

Monday, February 1

Tubbs x Papa

Whenever people ask us, How do you handle two kids? Apart from having lots (!!!) of support from our family and helper, our kids have devised their own way to help us out  by "choosing favourites." Russell is particularly sticky to me, while Lucas latches onto Papa whenever he can. It's coincidental, but it works =)

#hairflick #likepapalikeson

Friday, January 29

Again at Ginza Kuroson, Takashimaya

Never fails to satisfy :) Have a lovely weekend, peeps!

Wednesday, January 27

Patties & Wiches, Takashimaya

Mount Fuji
Mont blanc chestnut cream with chocolate sponge & chestnuts.

Matcha Parfait
Matcha cream and sponge cake and custard

Mille Feuille 
Raspberry jam atop the layers of puff pastry, 
layered with fresh cream, sliced strawberries and pineapples 

The softest of sponge cakes and airiest of whipped cream, topped with fruits and glazed marrons. The beauty of these creations from Chef Yamashita lies in their unbearable lightness of being.Despite so, each slice cost $9 upwards, which is around 30% more than what you would pay for in the store. Cue sad face.

Monday, January 25

5th Quarter, Syed Alwi Road

Housed within bourgeoisie boutique hotel Hotel Vagabond, 5th Quarter is Singapore's poster entrepenuer-boy Loh Lik Peng's offering.  I can't say I love the music choice (a mix of electro African beat) and decor (King Midas meets Electric), which proved to me rather distracting at times, but the food gets a thumbs up.

Service was personable; and there seemed to be good rapport between chefs, kitchen staff and wait staff, which (to me) is really encouraging that the staff are well-treated. We ordered a mix of items from the Lunch, Dinner and Chef's Picks menus. Lunch comes at an unbelievably good price of $10 per small plate, which is awesome if you came just to dip your feet into the water. 


Duck hearts, served tartare-style, with cured citrus powder, cured egg, capers, and pickled fennel If you are effy about eating offal, just scoop them onto some multigrain crisps, think about your beloved while chewing and swallow. While not as gamy as most offals, duck hearts were rich and toothsome, bearing a texture that only offal-lovers would appreciate.


The salt pepper tripe was an artistic showcase of gravity-defying tripe fries. Circus trib-, tripe! #hurhurhur I enjoyed these very much. Forget about being dainty, just pick them up with your fingers and inhale them. Use the tapenade for some extra oomph. 


The crab buckwheat was my favorite dish. Buckwheat woven into the risotto, slightly briny thanks to the crab and uni butter. Savoury and comforting, I could polish off bowls of these.You have it try this!


Is this a good time to crack the "I like big buns and I can't lie" jingle? No? My silence is yours for a price. Artisanal burgers had their time last year and this one is probably a contender. The burger was of the no-nonsense variety. Yup, straight-up beef patty with a slice of cheese, sans foie gras, blue cheese, aioli and any hipster ingredient you can think of. Those crisp jenga-like fries were amazing too. Hey even if the structure falls, it is because we are all winners! If I am going to be totally honest with you, I would have liked some ketchup to go with those fries. 


Our dessert was light and refreshing, boosted by the lovely addition of candied pistachios and coconut sorbet.

After we settled the bill, Chef came over with a couple of cookies. My first thought was, Cookies? I like.. Second thought, OMG, they are still warm! Oatmeal cookies with shredded coconut, smoked caramel and maple-cured bacon. They were on the chewy side, kind of like a soft granola bar. I don't normally get too excited over bacon, but the addition of bacon to cookie is bloody genius. If only we could order them for Chinese New Year... 

Monday, January 18

Celebrating TF + TY's wedding

Hello! It's been quite quiet around here. Nothing much has been happening... 'cept the boys and I were down with stomach flu over the weekend and it was nasty! This preschooler virus is seriously strong - even my parents were down with it as a result of having out with us. love - and all sort of virus germ facts - knows no boundaries.

Speaking of love, my dear friend Zhu tied the knot last weekend too. I was supposed to be on bridesmaid duties but the virus set me back by quite a bit. Fortunately, the boys and I were well enough to join in the solemnisation and wedding dinner. I am really glad I had my boys with me as KW was away for a business trip - thankfully, Zhu was super understanding when I told her I had to being the whole hood with me.

The wedding was held at Capella Hotel and I know i have said it before, but it's such a dreamy place! We had our hair and make-up done at the Colonial Manor, which I was incredibly sorry to leave after we were done. I can't comment on the food as I was in no mood to eat but the peeps around me dug in happily.

Anyway, I am super duper happy for my dear friend (and her other half, TF), and glad I was able to share her joy!

First of six weddings this year... Let the fun begin!