Monday, August 31

A return to PS.Cafe Palais

Ah, PS Palais... How I love thee.

I used to spend so much time (and moolah) at PS Cafe. I even did a roundup of all the cakes and desserts I had at that one outlet. Then life and priorities took over, and it has been more than two years ago since my last visit. I was surprised to not find a queue when we arrived shortly before 12pm, though the place filled up quickly after that. Perhaps people have moved onto hipper enclaves

Wow, salad? Yawn, boring.. Sorry, not sorry. I'm at a stage in my life where eating more vegetables and salads make me better throughout the day - and lorrrrrd knows I need the energy with 2 tots around.

This Superfood salad was yummy yummy, thanks to the roasted pumpkin, blueberries, and almonds. And I love quinoa and roasted broccoli, so this salad was right up my fancy smancy alley.

Of course, all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl so we ordered a basket of fried chicken and chunky fries to share. Love these turmeric-dusted, breadcrumbed chicken tenders and chunky fries! Those hips won't lie...

KW only had one thing on his mind - the PS Brunch Burger. It brings some comfort to know that he's a one-dish-slash-woman kind of guy. Standing tall with a beef patty, deep-fried onion ring, melted gruyère, crispy bacon and fried egg, it's the sort of burger that makes you willing to give up 2 years of your life for.

A $5 top up for truffles fries? Totally worth it, thought the threenager.

We didn't have desserts this time round, but we wrapped up our meal with a lovely ice coffee float. Utter bliss.

Friday, August 28

The Rotisserie, Telok Ayer St

After visiting our new office, the colleague (our resident Aussie-phile) suggested lunch at the The Rotisserie. I think it promising to know we have more lunch options in the area but noone is exactly looking forward to the crowds. Oh well, win some, lose some. 

At $12 for the cheapest main dish, it doesn't seem like the regular daily meal for most white collar workers but golly, the portions are sizeable with a capital "Z" for zzz. The four of us shared 3 platters and we were stuffed by the end of our meal - thank goodness we only had to deal with a team offsite after that and nothing too intellectually challenging.

So good! So here it a close up... 

I love a hearty quiche so the spinach feta quiche was right up my alley. The highlight, according to any cardiologist, was the pork knuckle, a juicy tender chuck rimmed with fat and crackling skin. Oddly enough (or maybe not so oddly because chicken to me is boring), I found their signature roasted chicken blah, and the mystery brown gravy did nothing to primp or pimp up the dish.

For sides, the quinoa, red rice and lentil salad was a toothsome yummy treat, compared to theirs (mashed potato, potato salad, corn, roasted cauliflower) that were more pedestrian than traffic-stopping.

Tuesday, August 25


Despite working near CHIJMES, I hardly ventured into the newly-revoated space till last weekend and I love what they did with the space. And Prive at CHIJMES? Wow, we didn't feel like we were in Singapore (save for the bloody heat); it almost reminded me of Napa Valley (again, save for the bloody heat). 

Service was pleasing and the food good to above average; honestly, with an ambience like this, I am prepared to accept decent grub. I would definitely order the Miso Cod Burger (especially with those awesome double-triple-fried fries) and Roasted Pork Belly Aglio Olio again. Oh yes, that iced coffee float, which is my new thing these days, was amazing shiiiit in this ungodly humidity.  

Friday, August 21

Ramen Keisuke Tori King, 100AM

Ever since my Marutama experience 8 glorious years ago, I have stayed clear of chicken-based ramen. That was how traumatised my tastebuds were. When the colleague suggested Ramen Keisuke Tori King for lunch, I readily agreed, no doubt lured by the promise of free hardboiled eggs and sesame-marinated beansprouts. 

I was pretty much blown away by what we got. This picture above is my colleague's Green Spicy as I didn't have the foresight to snap a picture - I honestly didn't think I was going to enjoy my meal as much as I did.

I had Black Spicy ramen; despite the sinister-looking pool of chili oil and grounded black pepper, it ended up being quite mild. Nonetheless, it was still a ridiculously delectable bowl of goodness. The chicken leg and charshu were haplessly tender, and I slurped up every drop of that gloriously creamy broth.

Wednesday, August 19

Ginza Kuroson, Takashimaya

Udon + Tempura + Kaisen Donburi

Awesome lunch at Ginza Kuroson, Takashimaya

Monday, August 17

Epicurean Market 2015

I have read and heard mixed reviews about Epicurean Market, so I wasn't expecting to be wowed. Truth is most celebrity chefs in Singapore don't bring their A-game to Singapore anyway. KW and I didn't have much expectations - I think we treated it as a rare time-out from the kids. As such, we both had a really good time as evidenced by lighter pockets and tighter waistlines. 


Probably my favourite store as the food was good and prices weren't exorbitant. 

King Crab Melt 

Oh man, KW brought this for me when I was queuing up for Waku Ghin. I was so freakin' hungry, I wolfed it down in 3 bites. Yes, that was me, shoving this toastie into my face. No regrets. 

Pineapple Tamarind Glazed Pork Ribs 

Lip-smacking and finger-lickin' good, get your napkins ready. 

Black Sesame Custard

Tasted pretty darn close to an ice cream but it is an ice cream that didn't melt as we tucked into the savouries. Also served as a palate cleanser.  

Laksa Popcorn

Yeah, thankfully they didn't slap on a SG50 logo. Pretty interesting and authentic but get this to share, I doubt one or two people can finish this on their own. 


Like many, Waku Ghin was admittedly the store I was gunning for because no way in hell am I going to spend $600 onwards on a meal there. Sorry to say but the two dishes we had were the most underwhelming of the lot we tried.

Marinated Botan Shrimp with sea urchin and oscietra caviar

Hmm yeah ok. That's about it. Moving on.

Slow Cooked Short Rib

Super duper tender but that was about it. The potato puree was baby-lotion smooth but bland without the sauce. 



I could have more of this close-to-filler-free crabcake but at $15 a pop, satiation sure comes at a price.

Tuna Tartare

Fresh and flavourful tartare hugged within a crisp sesame-speckled cone. Delightful!

Truffle Anglotti 

Kind of like mac & cheese but with charred sweet corn. 


Squid Ink Chitarra Freddi with sea urchin, fresh crabmeat and jalapeño pesto

If you need something filling, try this. It is refreshingly satisfying, yet the afterbite tingles with some heat from the jalepeno. 


Roasted Pork Belly Sliders

Though the skin wasn't crackling, it was pretty good! I like how they didn't just use any ol' bun. 

Shredded Beef Brisket with Pickled Onions and Crackers

This was pretty good too though if you have limited stomach space, don't worry about skipping this.


After all we had, I just needed a drink but that led to a gloriously smooth coffee gelato, a couple of mini pastries and lovely mint cream-topped waffle. Yeah, would have been nice if I could be wheeled out of MBS.

Friday, August 14

Sin Lee Foods, Jalan Bukit Ho Swee

I really enjoyed my time at Sin Lee Foods. Although KW thought the food was so-so, I appreciated the relaxing vibe of that cafe, friendly earnest service and tasty fusion grub. The one-pager menu is tight (or limited, to some people), which might explain why you see certain dishes over and over again. 

A starter worth the hype is the Aburi Broccoli Salad. Roasted broccoli gets sexed up with a ridiculously yummy white balsamic dressing, strewn with crunchy papadum and freshly grated aged parmesan cheese. Love this! After ordering one portion to share, I had another one for myself. 

I was looking forward to the Salted Egg Sweet Potato Fries, which was topped with housemade salted duck's egg sauce. Unfortunately, the salted egg sauce was quite a letdown, lacking punch and oomph. According to the recipe they offer to soshiok!, it looks short of a few ingredients such as chicken granule cube, chill padi and curry leaves... so that is my humble deduction. 

One of the most recognisable mains is their Fried Chicken & Waffles. I do love har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken) so this juicy fried chicken was a winner in my books. However, the waffle was sorrowfully pale, yearning for a good couple of minutes on the toaster. With the melted maple butter on the side, it made more sense to finish the fried chicken before moving onto the waffle and melted maple butter as a dessert. Two dishes for the price of one? Hey ho, score! 

Another signature is main is Beef & Grains, medium rare seared marbled striploin, with orzo 'rice' and fried egg.

Tasty though soupier than expected, so if you like your mui fun, you would be a happy cow.

We didn't have desserts but the affrogato was gamely potent.

Tubby's thoughts, "Papa, I'm pleased to report they don't serve Eggs Benedict here."

This picture still cracks me up.